EDST 403/4 Blended course development West KooTenay Teacher EducationPrograM

For this project I designed and wrote an online course for University of British Columbia’s West Kootenay’s Teacher Education Program using Blackboard Learn (an enterprise learning management system) in collaboration with the Educational Technology Support unit.  The online course combines existing traditional classroom curriculum with additional online resources, reflection-based learning units, and collaborative discussion.  The course modules are easily adaptable to be either delivered entirely online or in a blended learning format without affecting curricular cohesion and student learning.


Additional Online curriculum Design

Gender, Sexuality, Race and Social Justice (GSRJ) 224: Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice in Literature. Revise and develop new educational design for online course

Gender, Race, Sexuality & Social Justice (GRSJ) 300: Intersectional Approaches to Thinking Gender.  Develop new media, race and popular culture module for online course

Social Determinants of Health Virtual Cases-Faculty of medicine/DENTISTRY

This e-learning instructional guide for the University of British Columbia’s School of Dentistry.   The Instructional guide was built around existing virtual case studies on the social determinants of health (SDH), and offer students multiple pathways to explore the SDH in a way that accommodates students’ varying socio-cultural knowledge levels. The modules take up each case study independently so that for instructional purposes the modules can be taught as a whole or in part.  Each of the modules are inquiry and problem-based, structured within a self-paced intentional content delivery framework that is attentive to reflective practice.

LGB and T Gender, Sexuality and Knowledge Mobility-Faculty of medicine

Phase 1 of this project (with the hope to secure funding for future adaptations for the Faculties of Medicine and Teacher Education) created a series of online modules. These modules are presented to students as a starting point where they are introduced to the social, cultural, and historical contexts of LGB and T peoples health and wellness. Through the modules, student reflection and discussion points, participants interrogate issues of import to LGB and T health. The modules offer access to knowledge of gender and sexuality from multiple intersecting perspectives in a manner that prepares students for deeper study in their practice.